First look: Introduction to Windows 8 Development – C# (Clinic and Lab)

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This one-day course is made up of a three-hour First Look Clinic (FLC) as well as a three-hour Hands on Lab. The course will introduce developers to the tools and techniques for creating Window 8 (Metro) applications using C#/XAML. It will outline The Windows 8 platform, Metro-Style guidelines, Windows 8 contracts, tiles and notifications, and the Windows store.Target

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This course is intended for professional developers that come from the .NET client side world and have familiarity with C# and XAML. Developers should have 1-2 years of experience in their field.


Module 1: Introduction to Windows 8 Platform
Module 2: Working with Metro-Style Guidelines
Module 3: Developing Metro Style Apps with C#/XAML
Module 4: Integrating with Windows 8 experiences with Contracts
Module 5: Implementing Tiles and Notifications
Module 6: Deploying to the Windows Store
Hands-On Labs


Before attending this course, students must have:

Modern graphical interfaces knowledge
Object Oriented Programming knowledge
Simple data access (CRUD) knowledge
General understanding of the Visual Studio IDE

At Course Completion:
After completing this course, students will be able to:

Provide a summary of the Window 8 platform
Enumerate the Metro Style application development languages
Describe the Metro style design
Summarize Metro style concepts and guidelines
Demonstrate how to implement a basic Metro style app using C#/XAML
Demonstrate how to use the Windows Runtime in Metro style apps
Highlight the ways to integrate apps with Windows 8 experiences with contracts
Describe what Windows 8 contracts are
Explain how to implement tiles
Explain how to implement notifications
Provide an overview of the Microsoft Store
Enumerate the ways to monetize the app in the Microsoft Store


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